Steven L. Siemborski

Managing Director - Monitoring

Steve has over 30 years of senior executive and Board level experience in Governance, Finance, Operations and Strategy. He has led or participated in dozens of engagements in the Governance, Risk and Compliance areas, including whistle-blower investigations, remediation of material control weaknesses, first-time and recurring SOX implementations, Fund administration, and corrective action required by Consent Orders and administrative agreements with Federal authorities.

Steve has led engagements to monitor, validate or audit the requirements in consent orders between DOJ and the corporation. He has been selected as a third party auditor in DOJ matters involving the U.S. subsidiary of a global meat processor, the U.S. mortgage operation of a global bank, the U.S. subsidiary operations of one of the world’s leading energy companies and a U.S. lumber importer and retailer.

Steve is a Certified Compliance and Ethics Professional. He is a frequent speaker on compliance, governance and the Three Lines of Defense.

Steve has served as Settlement Administrator in a certified Federal class action lawsuit involving a leading U.S. lender and its vehicle finance customers.

Prior to joining Calfee in 2017, Steve led advisory service practices in the Midwest for two international accounting firms.

Principal Practices

  • Corporate Integrity Monitoring